The Italian Tax Authority allows you to designate a portion of your personal income taxes (IRPEF) to support a non-profit organisation of your choice.
It is not an extra tax nor is it an alternative to the 8×1000 programme.
Quite simply, 0.5% of your Italian taxes (€5.00 for every €1,000.00 of taxes) can be directed to an ONLUS (non profit organisation).
Taxpayers can choose which organisation they wish to designate 0.5% of their personal income tax.

S.O.Solidarietà Onlus is one of the organisations recognised by the Revenue Agency as eligible for 5x Mille contributions.

Your signature defend the rights of women and children where help is most needed in the world.

All we need is your signature in the designated section of your Annual Tax Declaration (Dichiarazione dei Redditi) form (CUD, UNICO or 730) and our codice fiscale:  94031940656.


Your signature will not cost you anything and means everything to the children we care for.