Imo State has two hospitals:

  1. the state operated Federal Medical Hospital
  2. the locally operated State Hospital

There are also several small private and church run hospitals, among which the Holy Rosary Hospital in Emekuku. There is no government health care coverage in Nigeria; a serious lack of healthcare facilities, lack of electricity and lack of medical expertise.

With the help of donors and volunteers, the association is able to provide medical equipment and training.

From 2000 to 2016, S.O.Solidarietà has:

  1. reconstructed and furnished the operating room at Holy Rosary Hospital in Emekuku
  1. upgraded the structure and operations in the obstetric, pediatric and phthisiology wards at Holy Rosary Hospital
  2. opened an eye clinic and provided eye surgery
  3. begun a training programme for local doctors which includes provision of equipment and training in how to use it
  4. brought medical care to the villages: doctors, obstricians and nurses examine residents, change dressings while providing health care information
  5. initiated a screening programme for cervical cancer in conjunction with Pathologists without Borders (APOP); the government of Imo State and the medical staff at the Federal Medical Center in  Owerri. As of 2016, 3,000 Pap tests have been done. The project has been taken on by the Federal Medical Centre.
  6. established a birth house in the rural area of Umumbiri for single women, in conjunction with the Sisters of Charity of the Precious Blood and authorised by the Department of Women’s Affairs.