From 2000 al 2016 S.O.Solidarietà sponsored the “GROWING TOGETHER” project.

In Nigeria, the education system is problematic. Not only is it expensive, but owing to the lack of trained teachers, textbooks and student subsidies, it is generally of poor quality. Added to these difficulties are the long distances students must travel between home to school, the lack of public transport and the general state of poverty.

S.O.Solidarietà Onlus maintains that a good level of education is fundamental for social and economic growth. Growing Together shares these values.

GROWING TOGETHER focused on teacher training, working closely with elementary school teachers in Ngugo-Ikeduru,with the aim of improving their methodology and teaching skills in order to facilitate positive change in the students.

The project is based on the notion that better trained elementary school teachers can facilitate the process of positive growth in children on various levels (cognitive, emotional, social and behavioural) which will lead to the development of skilled, autonomous adults.