From 2000 to 2016, S.O.Solidarietà Onlus has:

  1. constructed Happy Home, a multifunctional centre located in the compound of the Sisters of Charity of the Precious Blood in Ngugo. Happy Home provides an after school programme for children from Ngugo and the surrounding villages where the principles of the “Growing Together” project are applied.The project combines activities which encourage motor skills and manual dexterity with cooperation, communication, creativity and imagination in order to empower children and foster healthy growth. Happy Home is also a venue for sports facilities, arts and crafts activities and provides a place for women to meet.
  2. built the Volunteer House where volunteers stay while working on local initiatives. A large well has also been built, accompanied by a medium power generator.
  3. created an experimental vegetable garden where thus far tomatoes, aubergines, peppers, carrots , potatoes and other vegetables have been planted and harvested with the aim of seeing whether new nutritional elementscan be introduced in order to enrich the local diet.
  4. initiated a Summer Sports Camp in collaboration with the Flap Club, a local NGO. During the summer activity, volunteer Rosella Ferrara has trained young people to continue to offer sports activity during the school year.